For all you guys in the uk do you guys have this style boomerang And what...


For all you guys in the uk do you guys have this style boomerang? And what flush mount blinkers do you use? I'm having difficulties finding one that fits properly here in the states

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  • They are what we call the Thai boomerangs

  • Just cut the center piece

  • The usdm blinkers just don't line up right an it would bug the shit out of me

  • Yeah I know I had the same problem for now there just tapped up till I get new blinkers

  • Get the OEM Thai blinkers. Way better looking than stock USA/Euro. I suspect other Honda blinkers such as the recent hornet and cbr600rr would fit the Thai boomerangs but I'm not certain.

  • These are what I have now.

  • The usdm boomerangs are driving me insane since they don't match the blue panels I just installed.

  • Black goes with everything

  • Is that a over racing swing arm?

  • Over (Thailand). No bearings unfortunately.

  • And no idea if it's genuine, either.

  • Ahh ok. I'm looking into buying one before throwing my Ohlins on. I have an over addiction growing

  • If I was doing it again I'd get a straight arm. No brace is 1kg lighter than stock, this is between those two. And it catches on one particular tall kerb / step I need to go down sometimes.

    I don't think you necessarily need an expensive swingarm. Main thing to check is if the adjusters look well designed. They are OK on mine but everything is a bit slack tolerances.

  • Really I just want it for style points and that's it.

  • I got the thai lights. A bit shorter than original ones.

  • Cbr600 flush mount blinkers fit nicely

  • There is a website That I got mine from Tst