For information just been told by a mate that he has just been kicked off a...


For information, just been told by a mate that he has just been kicked off a track day at Brands today for not having one piece leathers. Apparently they have changed the rules this year. I checked the No Limits website who are running the event and it still says "A full leather 1-piece race suit or a fully zipped together 2-piece. The zip must encircle your torso, and there should be no gap between the jacket and the trousers when the zip is done up." However perhaps this is a rule change from the circuit. This might be worth checking as there are a number of you going next month.

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  • Be like a boil in the bag meal at the end of the day

  • No Limits run the trackday but MSV run the track. Best to check on their website for rule updates.

  • I have just contacted no limits and they said there rules have not changed it is still 1 piece or 2 piece zipped together, and there now looking into it

  • Mmmm just wondering if I haven't got the full story?!

  • They are looking into it but suspect the persons leathers didn't zip together

  • As far as i know They have to FULLY zip together..... probably find that the person involved only had the shortie zip.... same as on most 2 piece touring leathers!

  • Right, it was not No Limits that were trying to enforce it, they were being very helpful, it was the marshal's, so I guess MSV. He was told that he cannot have a gap where the jacket and trousers zip does not zip together at he front bigger than 7 inches.

  • No he didn't have just the back zip, the zip went all the way around but left a gap at the front longer than 7 inches.

  • Guess the Marshal was feeling Under endowed that day! :o .....yes I went there, sorry!

  • And there was me trying to be descriptive in an attempt to prevent this type of frivolity, but there's always one!

  • Keith Chambers