FOR SALE. maybe


FOR SALE: (maybe)

I'm thinking about selling my 215cc FinBro engine kit with about 250 miles on it: 65mm bore with 64.9mm long-stroke crank with big-valve head. Price TBC, maybe about £700 shipped.

I also have a pair of forks (£90 shipped), front braking system (£40 shipped), front wheel & good tyre (£70 shipped), yokes (£30 shipped). All prices open to negotiation etc :)

I've given a sample picture of the engine kit below, greyed out bits are the items not included. This is actually a pic of my original 209cc kit, but many parts are the same or similar.

About the engine: I didn't get to finish running the 215cc engine in, but it felt very smooth and much stronger than the 209cc engine I previously ran for 5,000 miles. To give you an idea of power levels, the 209cc engine (with my VERY poor exhaust) would cruise at 80mph (sat upright, with rucksack), and top out at about 87mph. It would take steep hills, with a pillion, at 75mph. The 215cc engine felt MUCH better... I'm guessing around 23-25hp with a proper exhaust (a well matched Leo Vince system via FinBro for example).

I've said 'maybe' for sale above, because I haven't yet stripped the engine down to remove all the parts for sale. This will take me a good few hours of my time, hence I'll only do this if some one expresses an interest. Then I'll strip it, and give all the parts a full check over. While I am willing to help advise on fitting etc, with tools and so on, please don't expect me to spend 15ish hours doing a complete engine build as part of the package. I can, but it'll cost, plus I've no official qualifications (just experience), so if it doesn't work I can't be held liable etc. Hence why I'm not too willing to act as builder.

The kit consists of a fresh (250 miles) long-stroke FinBro crank, fitted with upgraded bearings all round and a forged con-rod for strength. The crank is balanced to match the forged piston, also with 250 miles on it. The barrel is bored out by FinBro and fitted with a much larger iron liner for better strength (avoiding think liner walls etc) with the massive bore size.

The head is my re-worked stock head, with 5,250 miles in it since it was fully re-freshed by FinBro. That consisted of a 3mm skim and combustion chamber re-shape. It then had larger valves fitted (31mm intake, 26mm exhaust), with new guides and springs. Externally it looks shabby (I tried to remove most of the paint), but it's sound where it counts. It also has the hotter FinBro cam fitted, though this does not have the decompressor as fitted to the stock cams, nor can this decompressor be retro-fitted. Been there, tried it, doesn't work. To compensate for the 3mm head skim a special spacer is fitted under the barrel, with a base gasket either side. Also included is set of longer head studs, and a 5,000 mile cam chain. Stiffer clutch springs also included.

Breathing is sorted by a 31mm throttle body with 360degree manifold. This is not a bell-mouthed stock item, it is a completely new and larger item. Fuelling is corrected using the FinBro ECU fitted to the stock UK loom via a short adaptor harness. Unfortunately this looses the normal fast-idle feature as fitted to the stock bike, so for the first minute on cold days you will need to hold the throttle manually to prevent stalling. The side effect of this is that it forcibly stops you riding off while the engine is cold, which is never good for any engine, let alone a tuned one.

For the exhaust side, I do still have a Leo Vince end can (scuffed but intact) and link pipe, but no matching down pipe, though these are not expensive (see below).

So, what else is needed?

As mentioned about if you want to use the existing exhaust built to match a approx. 23-25hp engine, then you'll need a new down pipe. Also, you will either need your own cases boring out to accept the larger barrel liner, or you will need new cases from Thailand, ready bored. I don't have any exact prices for these, but they're not much compared to the cost of UK parts. Think less than £200 with shipping, maybe £150.

Then there are all the usual items such as gaskets etc that are used in a full engine build, plus the know-how to fit them.

So if you're interested in the 215cc engine parts, please get in touch.Think about £700 for the kit :)

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  • If only I had that money!! I want more power

  • Awirut got back to me earlier, the engine cases are about £100 and the Leo Vince exhaust header about £60, depending on exchange rates. Then there's shipping on top of that, probably take it just over £200, plus any tax/duty/handling fees, though he usually keeps these below £30