• For Sale Unfinished Project has had lots of money spent on it new tyres new...

    For Sale. Unfinished Project, has had lots of money spent on it, new tyres, new sprocket & chain set, also has rear passenger footpegs & Rear seat pad fitted.

    Needs a new motor as the one fitted has excessive crankshaft end play.

    Located, Ballarat Vic.

    $500 PH 0427359667. SOLD SOLD SOLD. Thanks for all the enquires.

    • Johnny Bear McFarlane

    • Josh Mulheron

    • What year model??

    • Scott Butler

    • was the clutch and gear box fine before the crankshaft went? im keen

    • Yes everything else is good. I even put a new bore, piston, cam sprocket, chain, in it before the crankshaft knock was detected. I wasn't expecting the crankshaft/bearings to be worn.

    • 1995 CT 110

    • What year is it?

    • 95

    • Are you able to pm me your number I'm keen to grab it in the next few days

    • Sam, the ph number is on the post.

    • Sorry mate, I'll give you a call tomorrow around lunch

    • Kyal McCaig

    • Brendan van Egmond Josh Jones Jake's Warren

    • Can u post to nsw if i pay postage too?

    • Bit busy this weekend. Would have been perfect.

    • I have a 95 crank looking for a swap of postie bits ??