Forks wrapped gas cap painted red along with rearsets plasti dip black

Forks wrapped, gas cap painted red along with rearsets plasti dip black. I'll let y'all know how long the rearsets last Lmao.

  • Nice

  • Looks sweet

  • What fork wrap did you use

  • Pm'ed :)

  • makes these Rearsets specifically for stunting

  • I don't stunt

  • If you dont use the rearsets it should last quite a while

  • Well I do you the pegs since they are apart of the rearsets. They should last awhile.

  • Yeah I've used dip on many things and as long as you arent scraping your foot over it it'll last a while.

  • Landon Foster yeah the way I put my foot on my pegs, I don't even touch the back part. Or where it's plasti dip

  • Bao LE you don't have to stunt.. They look nice, are more protective of the bike, and come powdercoated in any color

  • Is that a Corbin seat ?

  • Nope diamond seat v2 aka poorbin

  • From Tomer Himelblau ? It's nice mate is it comfy ?

  • Richard Partridge yupp. And after about 100 miles on it yes it's really comfortable. I ride about 80 miles a day.

  • May have to treat myself

  • You should. I like mine a lot