• forza recall my dealer just asked me to return bike to have a check on an...

    forza recall...my dealer just asked me to return bike to have a check on an electrical conector which they say can let in water !!

    • Ohhhhh dear...... Anything can happen in 6 hours!

    • so if wire loom gone and a new one is instaled the scooter will neither be the same

    • Thanks for this, do not have one yet will keep an eye out.

    • Thank you Graham just checked mine again and mine is fine

    • Looks like mines one affected

    • Just phoned the my Dealer Crewe Honda now I've got to wait for a letter to come in the post but he told me he's not looking forward to doing the job it's the whole wiring loom on the bike

    • That's what I was told, book time 6 hours though I was told by HGB it would take 'a lot longer'

    • Rodger at Crewe Honda said the same its a big job

    • Bugger thought I dodged it but I typed my vin in worng first time lol, mines affected too

    • Must be low vins or they haven't got to 007600 onwards yet?

    • The last digits on my vin are 10600

    • Mine is in the same figures as yours - fingers crossed our later ones? aren't affected