Found something fun to do on Sunday


Found something fun to do on Sunday

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  • Mad, expecially opposite directions!

  • All you need now is a fire with a cauldron and the bikers chanting a spell :)

  • Wall of death... Well, bowl of mild peril

  • Box Hill, where abouts are you from then? Got about 6-7 of us over Portsmouth way should meet up for a ride one night!?

  • Phahahaaaaa jokers

  • We regularly do rides from Farnborough to Portsdown hill

  • Could go to Loomies?

  • You'd love it Dale

  • No thanks that's a crap ride there and full of old bill

  • Ah cool man!? We should meet you one time!! Steven Haycock Kye Norris Skott Wotherspoon Matt Lloyd Stuart Sinclair and couple more of us on groms!!

  • Where isn't???

  • Doug you really need to come on one of our rides

  • Get a group whatsapp set up and you can chat between you. We have one for the Edinburgh grom's!!

  • I work shift so it's a bit difficult, ,let me know when you are out and about

  • Normally a few of us

  • We play in the lanes

  • Let me know where and next time your out then

    Im from near Portsmouth area always up for going some where new and having a laugh

  • I've been there!

  • Not quite wheel of death but getting there!

  • Personally I like a ride to Loomies, meet some good old boys there Karl

  • Loomies is only a 30 minutes ride for me lol

  • Ewoks?

  • Here you go Zach Cadena

  • Love the white & green combo colour msx LQQK great

  • Cheers that's my winter Grom or the one I take on the dirty rides

  • This is a wall death