Fred from Derry New Hampshire here I had asked earlier for feeedback about a...


Fred from Derry, New Hampshire here. I had asked earlier for feeedback about a NX 125 I'm looking at. Thanks for your feedback then. I'm still waiting for the snow to melt here before I can look at it.

I have a new question today for my world-wide fellow fans of the Honda single OHV 4-strokes: Does anybody know if the NX 125 engine, which is limited to an electric start, is interchangeable with other 125 or 100 CFR, XL or SL's (yeah, I know SL 100 or 125 engines are rare these days)?

The NX's electric leg (starter, no kick start) may drive me batty and/or I may want to go bare bones rat dirt bike (think battery eliminator) with it. There is always the bump start method, but that cardiovascular work out gets old.


PS The NX in the pix is just for reference and isn't the one I'm looking at. That one is painted black and needs at least an new *carbie.

Carbie? Just wordy Fred in Derry, NH trying to sound Australian.


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  • Xr125 clr125 cityfly i think the same fred. With some fettling u may be able to use xl125 185 engine etc. Sure some of the other members will pop up. This is just my guess..

  • Thanks thanks Paul.

  • It can be fitted with a kickstart from an XLs and 6 speed tranny....compatible parts from XLR125/200

  • Thanks. If I get the old gal I'll have to get a shop manual but will still have to write, "Pau! John! I got this apart with oil a over, my wife is pissed, what do I do now???!!!"

  • 1 of the members posted this before. Might be of some help even if it is a different language. Ps freds better half ots my fault he has covered everything with oil. Please dont beat him to hard

  • It might have been john who posted it