Front brake is rubbing like fooookkk I m a novice to carrying out work on...

Front brake is rubbing like fooookkk. I'm a novice to carrying out work on bikes. How handy is it to change the pads? Any advice would be great

  • Easy peasy

  • Nice one thanks

  • if front brake is rubbing do you have a caliper dragging?

  • Couldn't tell you Dan. It started rubbing a week ago and when you brake it feels rough. I assumed it was the pads needed replacing.

  • yes that does sound correct..

  • are they binding all the time or on and off ? if you can get the front wheel off the floor and spin your wheel if it spins free then binds then spins free again you may have a warped disc .

  • you should be able to see how much meat is on the pads easily

  • Sounds like you messed up the rotor. You may need to change pads and rotor.

  • It's all the time

  • Oh that sounds expensive

  • See if the pads wore thru. If they did see if the rotor can be machined. They can be saved at times

  • you may be lucky if the pads are worn right down and not damaged the disc too much . That said even with score marks on your disc through wearing pads down too much often you can get away with just fitting new pads as they will wear into the highs and lows of any disc damage .. Running your finger across the disc you will feel any grooves caused by bad pads , really only an issue if you can see pronounced grooves .. if its a recent thing just change the pads ..

  • It's only recent and the disc looks alright. Cheers for the advice

  • no worries

  • usually go tou you tubr type your bike change brake pads buy factory honda oem last longer and not eat rotors some come out so easy you cannot believe clean calipers and lube pins they float on

  • Youtube.

  • Everyone is talking about worn pads. Worn pads are rarely the cause of brakes rubbing. You'll need to strip the caliper, pop the pistons out, give them a good clean and polish with with metal polish, be sure to remove the brake seals (carefully with a wooden cocktail stick) thoroughly clean the corrosion out of the groove the brake seals sit in (usually the actual cause of dragging pads) and then reassemble - done job.

  • Cheers man. I think I'll bring it to a bloke I know. I don't trust myself to do it right

  • Probably for the best if you aren't confident. Making a mistake on the carbs is one thing but making a mistake on the brakes can be slightly fatal ;-)

  • Yeah I kind of need them to do their alright

  • Easy peasy