Fuel economy what are you getting. Do you track it at all


Fuel economy - what are you getting? Do you track it at all?

Last fuel stop (mix of city/Highway) I got 74MPG. On the trip I took recently I got just over 80MPG. I just got a fuel log app that will let me track fuel and mileage on multiple vehicles. Free one called Fuelio on Google Play if you're interested.

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  • From my calculations my '09 averages about 75mpg and my dad's '03 averages 70. Didn't know about that app though, thanks for mentioning it!

  • I get 65-70 mph with my 450 rebel no matter how hard I ride it. My rebel Is a 86 cmx 450

  • Wow, that's awesome.

  • my '06 gets about 60 mph. I am thinking a tune up and chain tightening will improve this tho. just have to get the money together.

  • Recently I checked mine. Sounded like I had a slight skip. Carb recently rebuilt. I got about fifty four. So it's time to check the plus and wires. Never checked valve lash but maybe I need to learn how to?