Full tank of V POWER 4. 89 WIN


Full tank of V - POWER = £4.89 WIN.

Check tyre pressure 50p clearly got robbed for less than a minutes work

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  • I have tried it in most of my cars and only ever noticed a difference in a bimmer v8, so came to the conclusion only worth it in a powerful machine.

  • Msx designed for low octane fuel anyway

  • It's made in Thailand, I'm sure high octane fuel over there is our contaminated stuff lol. The msx could run on cat piss.

  • I only use stuff I can trust it deserves decent stuff

  • I've never tried the good stuff personally, I will use it once I start engine mods though.

  • See I'm still under 600 miles everything is standard until after xmas, and I've use she'll from 0 miles lol

  • 50p a minute? That's £30 per hour. Can get a cheap woman for less than that. Though I don't think she's be any good at blowing.... .... ... up your tyres!

  • Lol... It's 50p for 4 minutes on the air machine, but who takes 4 mines to stick around 2 psi in 2 wheels :/

  • Foot pump. Hell, even a hand pump works. Bump up the pressure, then bring it down with a pressure gauge. Hell, I can blow tyres onto the rim with a hand pump! (but it did take me about 25 mins, and knacker me out!)

  • Haha I have a foot pump but it's effort man