Funny how quickly things can change

Funny how quickly things can change.

Out for a ride checking the mods were all working well.

Noticed something wrong. It's out of action now for 2-3 days having the crankshaft bearings replaced

  • Dang Kev sorry bud :( can't catch a break sometimes

  • That's exactly what happened to mine, but mine took 2-3 weeks instead of 2-3 days :(

  • Out of curiosity. How many miles did it last?

  • What were the sytoms

  • Never a dull moment, now they say it may not be the bearing lol. Gotta go back in three hours.

  • 9,000km

  • Couldn't really tell you Tom. I'm not mechanically minded, just knew something was wrong.

  • It shouldn't be the Crank bearing at that mileage

  • If it was the Crank you would hear it knocking

  • Don't think it can be that then, when I left he was playing with the clutch basket.

    I really should learn to speak Thai

  • So sorry bud.

  • All is not lost, I have complete faith in my guardian angel

  • Who? Mr. Solo??

  • Silly bugger

  • Ah, Shit. Hope you get it back on the road soon.

  • that very low. Even Jack's did more than that! :P

  • Jack run his bike with the bearing problem for longer than that

  • Yeah