Funny thing I ve noticed from Rebel groups once the new owners realize there s...

Funny thing I've noticed from Rebel groups, once the new owners realize there's a Rebel 450.. they lose their minds.

  • Very True. LOL

  • Dude right ? Lol but I'm also trying to figure how to cram a 650 into one of these

  • With a welder and a cut of wheel anything can be done

  • Just buy a 650

  • I knew it was bigger the moment I bought it just gotta figure out what I can safely move around lol.... Harris Melancon that be letting my rebel and a unrealistic dream

  • You can put a V8 in a Pinto, but it's still a Pinto. lol

  • Lmao that was great

  • Damn right

  • Nothing welding on some brackets can't fix

  • I do know that a CB750 will fit in mine now. He he ha ha. John J. Rossi