G day all

G'day all

I was just wondering what is a good replacement engine for a 12volt postie?(mines a 2008).

Was looking at LiFan 125cc's and 140cc's, but I dont know how they bolt up to the factory honda engine bolt holes.

Also if you guys can, comment an engine you recommend. :)

  • What were the dramas you had with the yx??

  • The yx has been great I had a Lifan 140 and rings went didn't take long but yx140 seems to be a lot more powerful and reliable they also start in gear! Never mind the 160s they are a struggle to get in but 140 depending on crankcase breather bolt right in with a mount kit which are $90 on eBay. Also a smaller rear sprocket will work wonders for top end on the 140 I run a 30mm mikuni and is perfect

  • 30mm mikuni carb"

  • Yx 140 generally support 12v lighting just make sure of twin yellow wires or white and a yellow

  • I've been running a thai-built "FinBro" engine.

    Made by a company called MonkeyFather, it's a 125cc engine with a compression ratio of 12:1

  • I should say that the Finbro is a fully manual 4 speeder. there is a smidge more work getting it in but the results are worth it.

  • reliable? I need to do a 30km round trip 4 days a week to and from work. :)

  • I have only put thirty hours on it. Still running it very rich for break in.

    I probably would not use one for a daily commute. you should go with the cheaper Lifan, it's not a tightly wound therefore it will be easier to live with.

    Especially if you keep the stock carb and inlet manifold, that will make the swap much easier.

  • Keep the stock ct carb on the lifan? I have never dealt with pit bike styled engines until I bought my ct. that is all.

  • It'd totally be fine, probably won't even need to change the jets if you keep it all hooked into the standard air filter box and restricter on the parcel rack.

  • Keep in mind that the smaller inlet manifold will allow for faster flow rates thus better mixing, just not larger overall airflow.

  • Problem I'm having with my 155 the hump in the case hits the frame

  • She's in now

  • Bit of grinding? Looks great only problem I have had with a yx is a little bit too long crank case breather just took it down abit and it bolts right in

  • Todd Powell, I reckon Brodie James Fisher Might be interested in your Lifan 125. it's pretty much all set up and tuned so he can bolt it straight in.

  • Mitch the matchmaker.

  • I'll seriously have a think about it if its a complete package Todd!

    thanks mitch for mentioning it to me also. :)

  • We look out for each other here matey. :)

  • Everything there for a bolt in job. Just need to cut the plugs off the original postie stator. I need mine off the lifan. Easy to do though. Wires are colour match to postie wiring

  • Comes with spare piston ring and ring kit. Plus I think I have a gasket kit coming for it. Plus pod filter and a racey cdi unit.

  • I want more photos