G day all Just a quick question since loading my postie up with camp gear and...


G'day all. Just a quick question, since loading my postie up with camp gear and me, about 120kgs all up, I notice she struggles taking off and it seems the clutch slips for a bit in first gear. I am running a 16t front and am wondering if this and the weight is a bit much for her. She is standard all over. Thoughts? I will buy a 15t tomorrow and see if it helps. Btw, I have done a clutch adjustment. It didn't make any difference.

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  • Yeah. Rear suspension is really good. Nice and firm. Going to redo front shock oil with a heavy weight oil. Thought it might be the clutch plates. Hopefully they can hang on a few more days. Might get them done in Canberra. I have no idea how to do it.

    Haha. Yes the old oil debate. Same with tyres. I try to pick the better brand pure mineral oils. Just because I want my bike to last.

  • Cheers for the help Peter! Much appreciated.

  • .8 jet and a pod filter gives noticeable performance upgrade for cheap. I'd suggest replacing the clutch before a long trip also

  • I'm a bit wary of the pod filter. I'm planning on a few water crossings and I'm sure there will be plenty of rain up in the tropics.

  • I've got my pod mounted on top of standard filter box. A bit better for water crossings etc. anything over the standard filter is an upgrade in my opinion.... Will save around 500 grams too ;)

  • Stay away from pods if your adventure riding posties.Did it once filter change everyday and this one time i sunk it and hydraliced the motor.With your clutch once they start slipping they wont come back and just get worse .Best to replace the plates and run a oil with no modifiers .Dont worry about the weight once your clutch is good.

  • That's what I thought re the pod filters. Yeah I'm thinking I'll just get the clutch plates done and then I can forget them for a while.

  • I'm 110kg with a standard 2011 CT with 26.000k on the clock and no slippage on mine as yet. Just curious as to how much is it to replace the clutch on these anyway? And also if riden normally with regular oil changes how long do these clutches usually last.

  • these clutches usually last years, they take about half an hour to do if you have the parts on hand, Todd when your in Melbourne we can do your clutch if you want, just order the bits and I can give you a hand :)

  • If your traveling and any were near Newcastle I'll sort it for you.

  • Awesome johnny! I might take you up on that! Share a few beers while we are at it! I'll see if a honda mob in melbs can order them in for Me. Just three plates is all I need??

  • PMed ya Todd...

  • It hasnt come through! I think facebook hates me sometimes....

  • check your athers folder mate

  • You're obviously built like a racing snake if you and the kit come in at @120kg! I'm a bit heavier than that on my own, and have no probs pulling away on bog stock posti bike. Give it a service, and clean/replace your air filter, fit a fuel line filter if you don't have one check valve clearances etc: Personally I'd not go smaller than a 16 tooth front sprocket on any bike, as the diameter gets too small and wears the chain. Alter the rear sprocket instead, as -1 on the front = +2 on the rear, so keep the 16 front and buy a +1 or +2 for the rear. How old is the chain set anyway? This could be the problem if it's overly worn. Always go back to first principles and make sure everything is working as it should before wasting money on changes that may not work. Buy/rent/steal/download a manual and start from there.