G day everyone I ve just joined the VTR group and have been very impressed by...


G'day everyone, I've just joined the VTR group and have been very impressed by everyone's bike. I have a 2000 model VTR which of course is my pride and joy. Have owned it for over two years and I've got to say, it's the best bike around. Here is a picture of her. Presently saving for some locally manufactured high level staintunes, which will be perfect.

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  • looks well m8

  • Thanks Lee, its in great condition mate. I bought it from the original owner up in the Hunter Valley. It has 32,000 km on it. I was also thinking of replacing the cam chains soon as another mate advised me that they tend to let go and do damage between 35 and 40,000 km's. Have you heard of this happening?

  • yes m8 couple of my mates went on them not that dear to replace bloke on here sells em for about 70 quid .my done about 36000 mile and still running sweet as a nut but will be changing to manual ones soon so it is advisable m8

  • look for a guy on here called rob de hoo he sells them m8 and can give you advice on fitting them m8

  • it looks great !

  • Honda CCTs have been reported as failing from as little as 7,000 miles, or not at all - how lucky do you feel?. However when one does go, generally the front one, valves meet piston = ££££s. Easily preventable in a few hours by installing manual tensioners.... http://www.vtr1000.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=16&t =22720 Also if you have a self-cooking unfinned R/R upgrade it to MOSFET type for reliability, or at minimum a later upgraded Honda finned version. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/rectifier-regulator-hond a-cbr-125-cbr125-rw-2005-17426-b-/350633215655?pt= UK_Motorcycle_Parts_13&hash=item51a35e46a7

  • Hey Stuart Criddle you won't regret the staintunes, I love mine

  • nice bike matey

  • G'day John Hepburn thank you for all the I formation mate. It's really appreciated