G day everyone the other day late in the evening I had just finished refuelling...


G'day everyone, the other day late in the evening, I had just finished refuelling my storm and was about to start the engine when a four wheel drive reversed into me at the service station. I had absolutely no where to go and couldn't get out of the way quick enough. The mild impact threw my VTR and subsequently... me over on our right side damaging the fairings, bent the rear brake pedal and squashed my leg (not badly) as I threw myself under the bike to avoid major damage, to the bike ofcourse ha ha :(

Anyway, the fairings are off being repaired so I thought I'd take the opportunity to wash and detail it. Scrubbed up really nicely.

Ps - thank god for Oggy-knobs. Protecting riders from other 'Knobs' for years!

Pss Anyone know where I can get a new rear brake lever?

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  • as long as the bike alright you leg will get better !

  • Ha ha, totally agree David, the bike was all I was worried about. Afterall... we have two of them! Legs that is

  • Did the person not stop?

  • No Ryan, not straight away. Someone shouted out to the driver luckily. All fine now, can't wait to get the fairings back and my bike back in one piece :)