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  • Wow! That's different! Any pics of it off the bike?

  • no pics off the bike at the moment as final tweeks are being made to it for fitment of bally pans etc. Exhaust is deigned to make power unlike some that are done just for looks

  • Loops around at the header as well

  • I dont really like low mounts but that's coool... How much will the retail at?

  • prob around the same as the current high mount but I dont have figures yet

  • sounds great, does it have a removable baffle?

  • Asif Khetab i am guessing it will but I have no specs on it yet

  • Steve

  • Looks and sounds great but.... For most of us in the UK will spend more time cleaning the road crap of it than riding the bike lol...dam our weather lol

  • Well they are going to sort so the high mount we do fits the new model aswell

  • Jack Dempsey Osborne