Gday all


Gday all.

So I'm finally going to start looking at putting my VTR 1000 back on the road. Now I was wondering is there a set up I can use to change the sweep on my bars? I have had surgery on my wrist and they do not like to be forced in to the road bike position anymore. I run fairly strait bars on my dirt bikes and would like to get as strait as I can with out having to alter the fairing. Anyone have any ideas?

Cheers Steve.

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  • Martin Klee

  • Any cdi for sale. Please. Mexico City i need parts. Help help help. Thanks

  • So i found these! Has anyone used them?

  • I have these, and love them! Can be adjusted in, out, up down, and change the angle. Obviously restricted by tank and fairing. Had to cut a bit of fairing, but not even noticeable to the unknowing eye!

  • Any chance of a pick? And one of the cut fairing?

  • These are the best ones I can find, but you can see where the bars are, and how little the fairing had to be cut. At full lock, they just clear the tank.

  • Awesome thanks for that :-)

  • In the bottom pic, you can see the new position they give you. Very comfy, especially with a higher screen for distance.

  • Ps- my bikes being rebuilt at the mo, thanks to an accident with a stolen car. (wasn't near the bike at the time.) And I've bought identical Chinese fairings to those on your bike. Did they fit easily? Look really good.

  • They where already on the bike when I got it. But I have had them off and they seem to be very well built and everything lines up great! Looks pretty cool to. :-)

  • Excellent! Would you have any more pics?

    Getting back to the clipons, forgot to mention mine are the 3 inch high jobbies, (4 inches also available), and they didn't need the clutch, brake or throttle cables extending.

    It takes a bit of time to set up the perfect riding position, as there's so many adjustments you can make, and you have to think about where they'll be on each full lock.

    Bought these for my first Firestorm, which my friend (not very) cleverly rode at 100mph, head-on into an oncoming 4x4.

    The bike was destroyed, but the clipons remained intact!

    Oh yes, and so did my friend, using up 8 of his 9 cat lives.

  • I was looking at the 3 inch high ones. Just for the adjustability. I'll have a look see what picks I have. I still have the factory fairing kit in perfect condition as well. The bike has only done 42,000 km.

  • Super, thank you! Would like to see how that fairing kit looks as I'm still toying with wheel colour choices at the moment.

    Currently going with gold anodised 954 blade forks, with matching rear spring and exhaust cans. Had gold cans before, they really look good on a black bike.

  • These gold cans. Unfortunately, like the bike they were on at the time, they are no more.

  • I like the red pin striping on the wheels. Looks mint. I was thinking of doing the same thing.

  • Thank you. Pinstriped wheels make a huge difference. Put thin blue plain stripes on my old vfr, they transformed her. Always like to go for the classy look, less is more. Too many 'enhancements' just look a mess!

  • And at night.... reflective is the way to go!

  • That looks wicked at night. Where would I get them from?

  • Mind you, she looks like this these days! Third colour change in 12 years of happy ownership!

  • EBay, reflective rim tape. Cheap as chips! I find the continuous roll easier to fit then the section cut tapes. Also think the thinner tapes look better than the thick ones.

  • Your road bike collection is like my dirt bike collection lol.

  • Ps- note the vfr400 with matching fairings to yours / my new ones!

    Bought this as a gift for the girlfriend, who's doing her test at the moment. Had already ordered the fairing kit, it's a coincidence!

    Even that bike has had the dark red rim tape treatment, really made a huge difference there too! Don't have any pics at present.

  • Ha ha, another mad collector!! Love the collection there, talk me through it!

  • 91 rm80 then a xr 100 kx 100 ktm400exc Beta300rr also have a 96 ktm 300exc it's in bits getting rebuild.

  • And have 2 more rm 80s just can't stop lol. My wife rides as well.

  • Brilliant! So much easier when the lady's on your wavelength!!

    Bit of a change of direction with the Storm!

  • Na I had heaps of different road bikes over the years. Then a few years ago I just felt like getting back in to the dirt bikes. And haven't been able to stop buying them lol.

  • Another happy lady with her new best friend!

  • It is a short of drug, isn't it?

  • Are there many places to take the dirt bikes where you live?

  • Yer. I have the state forest right behind me and we have 3 acres as well :-)

  • Brilliant!!! Only been on a dirt bike once. Came back covered in mud and whoopsee, grinning like a deranged fool!

    Hmm, sure there's a spot of room in the garage.....somewhere.......

  • My Old Bike. Best machine i ever owned

  • nathan lee

  • Steve's vtr is your old bike? Did you fit it's current fairings?

  • Yes Mate, was a mission and a half

  • Oh dear, were they a bad fit then? I've bought an identical set.

  • Chinese after market. Couple of Bourbons and a bit of patients. Took about 3 hours to fit and line up

  • Yes that's the ones. Did you have to alter the fitting holes, any recommendations for fitting them?

  • Some of the fitting holes needed a bit of coaxing. But overall it wasn,t that bad when i think back. Just take ya time and fit all the internal plastic before the final fit up. Glad to see Steve is looking after her, she was my pride and joy, i still miss her

  • I was considering buying her back off Kevin.

  • Magic, thank you.

    Am rebuilding the storm with plenty of fancy trick bits, and thought this was a cheap way to have shiny fairings.☺

  • Once they,re on, They look shit hot, as you can see. I done a heap to that bike cosmetically and mechanically.

  • Yes, they do look the dog's danglers! Can't wait to get the old girl all together again!

  • PM some photos when your done

  • Thank you, I have to 'friend' you to send and recieve pms! Sent a request.

  • done this conversion 10 years ago

  • a mate from the vtr forum came and rode this shortly after i changed the bars.he said compatibility has increased 80%.he had 2 carpel tunnel op's

  • Does look a nice job!