Gday all shane here from australia normally I build early triumphs and do full...

Gday all, shane here from australia, normally I build early triumphs and do full restorations but currently have my local postys bike in with a blown motor, the idea it is and the engine I've been supplied is a lifan 125 semi auto engine , is there anyone here that has done this swap an what do I look out for

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  • Mixed opinions with the Chinese engines as different people get different results. For their price it's really a non issue.

    I have done a swap with a Thai engine and now having completed it, all I can suggest you look out for is:

    1. Rear engine mount is in a different position to the CT110 engine, get a bracket or make up a bracket, you can find a diagram for it in the downloads section of this page.

    2. Does the bolt-hole on the new engine have a diameter greater than 10mm? Your bolt for it is 10mm and you may or may not have to get the 10.5mm drill bit out to make it fit.

    3. Is your wiring harness going to match up? Find this out before you fit the engine so you can plan whether you are going to do a chop and splice or make an adaptor plug (the latter is reversible).

    4. Are you intending to use the rear sprocket from the blown motor? CT110 sprock spline is 20mm in diameter. Many pit bike engines use a spline of 17mm. Check this first and deal with it accordingly. Hey, if you are going to go for a bigger front sprocket you may not have enough links in the drive chain to accommodate for it. Consider getting a 54 link chain made up, but see if you have any luck with the stock chain first.

    5. Do you have a nice new intake pipe and carb? The top of the carb might not clear the frame unless you add a spacer or two. Check first before fitting. On the topic of new carb, are you ready to make an alternate petcock tap system? The stock Keihin carb had it inbuilt but most others will not.

    6. New exhaust or old exhaust? You might need a spacer at the head of the old pipe to give it enough depth to make a seal on the exhaust port.

    I have never worked with a lifan engine but if I were to, I would investigate these things before fitting.

    I am sure there are a few fellows that can help here so hang tight for a bit and see if they pipe up.

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  • Me? More like the guy who spent only one third of time doing the swap and the other two thirds scratching his head and swearing profusely.

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  • i prefer honda the parts are not dear..and keeping it original

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  • and look what that's doing for you Andrew......

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