Gen 4 already kicked the bucket

Gen 4 already kicked the bucket.

  • I don't know..saw it for sale locally.

  • I thought the pictured showed the location. It's in Richmond va.

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  • Wants an offer.

  • Ahh.

  • Mine had all sorts of random shit happen. Spark coil split, battery split in half, mirrors last maybe 20 miles, carb was crap, horn died, headlights rubber baked in a week of az heat, tailight broke 3 times and exhaust cracked otherwise all 1,500 miles I had it were fine hahaha

  • The need to replace some sketchy stock parts is a known issues with pretty much any China scoot. The good news is that with about $100.00 worth of aftermarket parts, you have a reliable scoot. It would make a lot of sense for dealers to offer a basic "performance upgrade" kit to people who don't want to hassle of breaking down and learning as they go. One bad review generally has more power than ten positive reviews.

  • Bottom mount 150?...

  • Understood that all from the get go, not saying it was that bad. Just understand why it is there. New ones have more problems than the old. Scooter shop near me stopped carrying maddogs because of mine and another customer. He had those 2 bikes back more than the other 20+ older models he sold.

  • No

  • Ah hell lol

  • 50cc the new ones just use some funky mount

  • Ah OK I see

  • It would make more sense for the manufacture to not use shit parts... lol local shop to me replaced the crap Chinese battery and fluids before I left with my Bash.

  • When stupid people with no idea tinker. This is what you get.

  • The problem with that concept is that Chinese manufacturers generally don't give a shit about quality unless the importer/distributor demands it.

    If the dealer selling the scoot offers an upgrade package at a fair price, it allows them to educate their customer and build a relationship. Even if the customer initially declines the extra cost, they will know it is an option once the stock parts crap out on them.

  • That mount I believe was ripped off from Anthony McDonough...

  • What people that just buy these don't realize is these motors are very hardy they can take a good beating but they are also very finicky and require a ton of upkeep and tinkering and upgrades on certain parts straight out of the crate.. one slight thing not right, even so much as slightly over filling oil could cause a oil leak into your carb which would foul the carb and cause it to piss oil out of the intake making it look like its fucked. Because obviously it's not a 2 stroke and gas and oil don't mix on a 4 stroke. So much as a Faulty plug could cause a headache without a streamlined check list because it only has one cylinder.. People break down on these and give up trying to fix them because they don't know how to even change the oil on their car let alone take apart a scooter transmission if a gear breaks...

  • It's designed to bolt the 150 directly on

  • Installing an amp and then having electrical issues raises alarms too

  • My 2015 has had its issues but nothing like my friends gen 4 2016. My digital speedo took a crap and i aint spending 130.00 for another! Can u say phone speedo app!lol! Owning a maddog will either make u broke or figure shit out quick like a mechanic