• Gents best place to source engine bolts The guy I bought my bike from replaced...

    Gents - best place to source engine bolts? The guy I bought my bike from replaced mine with gold but I'm looking to change the colour of the bike totally so I'm looking to either go back to black or replace with new colours - so I'm looking for MSX fairing / engine bolts. Any recommendations?

    • Pretty sure Webike Japan do a complete engine bolt kit made by G craft mate Aaron Mortimer has it

    • Stock engine/fairing bolts are mostly silver also.

    • Pic Aaron

    • Probably going to keep them mate. The screws on mine look a bit rough in places. Salt air!

    • Do you have a link Aaron?

    • When you say keep them? Do you mean the screw kit wasn't good quality?

    • G craft Asia. Direct selling.

      http://www.g-craft.com/gcraft- thailand/

    • Wasn't going to fit the screws but sell them to Tudor. Now going to fit them myself.

    • pro bolt

    • Jason I had been looking on pro bolt but couldn't find an MSX kit.

    • There isn't one just measure the bolts and order Karl Waldron has all the measurements