• George Catt shared a link to the group: Honda Bike...Lifan Motor.

    New guy on this site but have long been interested in any such. Learned to ride in 67 on a Honda Super 90. Have worked on many including my son's QA50 in the early 90s.

    Is this wrecking yard known here? I've visited but never purchased anything. It is a horrible jumble of rusty hulks, but there is treasure within. Near Rye, Arizona, north of Phoenix:

    All Bikes Sales

    16603 AZ-87

    (928) 474-2526

    The owner is rude and crude, shows absolutely no interest in helping or selling. Still, lots of old rusty hulks and a little bit of everything.

    • That's a shame

    • BTW, there's nothing "inappropriate" in the image, it just shows a huge pile or rusty hulks.

    • Internet indicates this place burnt completely in 2013. Have you visited there recently George Catt...and does this still exist with a new batch of relics ?