GETSPARK Ignition Booster

96% of failures in gasoline engines is related to the ignition system. We have the solution, you can have it too. You can reduce air pollution and improve your engine performance with GeTSPARK!


*Up to 50% Increase in Power

*Up to 30% Savings in Fuel

*Up to 50% Increase in Acceleration

*Reduce Unburnt Fuel

*Less heat on coil

*Longer lifespan for spark plugs

Can only be installed on gasoline vehicles.

Standard Retail Price:

Motorcycles – P1,500

  • Getspark simply improves the electrical energy that is flowing to make the spark. The more spark, the better your initial flame front, the better will be the combustion which will lead to less fuel waste. More fuel that is burned per charge for fuel, the more energy you can use for mechanical movement. You're still using the same amount of fuel per intake but you're utilizing more energy by minimizing unburned fuel. Better spark means better combustion - more push to the pistons. Your engine is still the same, the bore is still the same, the fuel intake is still the same - what is new is better burning of fuel that makes a huge difference in engine performance.