Getting new tyres fitted shortly Has anyone experience of puncture safe or any...

Getting new tyres fitted shortly. Has anyone experience of "puncture safe" or any other similar products. I have mk2 with abs.

  • Is that like the green slime stuff.

    Cos I've used that in the past an not had a problem with it

  • To my understanding it's meant to be a similar product. Puncture safe is its own product.. What was the problem Kristian?

  • What meant was I had no problem.with it lol sorry typo an I caught a nail believe the tyre was a metzler z6 on a zrx 1100 what I did find tho if the bike had bin laid up for a few weeks it knocked the wheel balance slightly where the excess had gathered at the bottom of the wheel but after.a.few was fine

  • I run Puncturesafe in all the bikes, car, 4x4 and caravan tyres, it works and as long as you don't overdose and cause balance issues you won't even know it's there. SWTSMBO picked up a couple of long self tappers in her rear tyre, pulled them out and it sealed the holes no problem. I won't use 'slime' as it doesn't work anywhere near as well!