Getting ready to get my first Chuckus found one local to me but it s a Bashan...

Getting ready to get my first Chuckus, found one local to me, but it's a Bashan brand, is that worth getting or should I just wait until I find an Ice Bear?

  • Maddog is the trusted brand, but #bashlivesmatter too

  • I have a bash talon 150 and I like it

  • Is it all the same parts as the Maddog, as far as upgrades go?

  • Bashan has disc rear brake and a battery box with a built in cupholder. All engine, transmission and ignition parts are interchangeable. I would definitely grab it if the price is right.

  • Only on 150cc

  • 50cc scooters are so far off my radar that I didn't even realize that...

  • Lol, the one I'm looking at getting is a 50cc, so do you guys know if I'll have trouble finding parts for it? For example, if I wanted to change to an aftermarket seat or some aftermarket forks, would they be the same as a maddog?

  • The seat frame is different, but the seat should be the same. Front suspension is the same. You will need shims to run aftermarket front shocks. You probably already know this, but 50cc scooters are ridiculously slow unless you want to add $150-$200 worth of upgrades (BBK, Carb, CVT).

  • Yup I know it, I plan to it upgrade it, I just don't want to deal with registering a 150 as a motorcycle. And I plan to mainly use it for putting around car shows.

  • I can put a Maddog on your front porch

  • Depending what year it is the 50cc came with the cup holder in the battery box starting in 2015. Wiring is different so when you ask how to wire your rear light the responses you get will probably be wrong. No accessory plug so remote start alarm isn't plug and play like the maddog. It has a P series motor so if you do get it 69mm valves only 64mm won't work right... extended seat from won't work on the bash either.