• Getting some Michelin city grips Friday and I ve sold my vee rubbers for 30

    Getting some Michelin city grips Friday and I've sold my vee rubbers for £30 :)

    • Ok cheers

    • I think I'll be getting some soon

    • How much are citygrips for a set?

    • Mines costing 87 for tires and 20 to fit them

    • Fat burnout before you change ya tyres

    • Joshy Don't you worry about that!

    • Good lad

    • That's all vee rubbers are good for

    • Yeah, I did a mad burnout in a sainsburys car park today, smoke instantly and rubber flying off. Didn't last long as I wasn't too comfortable doing it in a car park. Hopefully I don't receive a letter soon

    • Depends where you go if you go to a dealer its likely anywhere between £70-£90 fitted. You could buy them on oponeo or similar online cheap then take the loose wheels to a place and have them done if moneys on a budget. Really like the tyre do all I ask of it and im only about 900 miles in on the set and they look pristine still.