• Getting to Grips with Adobe Premiere Pro all I ve managed to do so far

    Getting to Grips with Adobe Premiere Pro, all I've managed to do so far :)

    • the stabilisation looks mint mate :)

    • And I haven't even figured out how to stabilise it yet :L Tudor

    • No way thats straight out of the camera looks stabilized

    • Yes :L And its was windy! Normally much smoother :) Tudor

    • What quad u flying? I fly an Iris Plus with gimbal...

    • DJI Inspire 1 Richard

    • Ah, those are nice :-)

    • Have a look on LightWorks, it is totally free, it is also used professionally (Braveheart, King's speech, Batman) and it does a lot.You need to see the tutorial to understand the concept ofit and you will be ready to go.

    • Tried lightworks, watched a couple videos and didn't really get on with it... Ive got Adobe Suite now and I like Photoshop so it can't be that hard :) Jeef

    • Lightworks is quick to edit something, but you really need to see the 2 or 3 first tutorial videos. Because as much as you, for me lightworks was strange.

      But to be honest lightworks is very good to make a movie with a lot of sequence and share the work. Like people who talk or interviews.