givin it some on the cat and fiddle today

'givin it some' on the cat and fiddle today.

  • Beaut of a road where you situated pal have a cheeky grom ride

  • sunny day, cat and fiddle on the msx, arrow can, city grip tyres,, what more could you ask of life?? stood up paloma faith in a horny mood to go out today on the msx. ;)

  • Where you live pal cat and fiddle ain't to far bud

  • scruffy old mancfester, near the traff centre

  • Not far I'm burnley will have to meet up with a few of us on groms

  • sounds good, could meet at rivvington barn, lovely rides round there. B|

  • Aye Sunday I'm free might pop up

  • Hope you never stopped at the pub on the top,the food is crap and service even worse last time I was there unless it has improved.

  • it was cold on the c+f yesterday, I never have a drink at the pub, agree Bill not the best place to eat.

  • Cheers for the warning Mark Horobin I have a ride out in the car sometimes and stop at another pub on the right hand side after the C+F because I thought the pub on the top was not good.