Glenn Bryant shared a link to the group: Honda CB/CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975).


NOS Fuel gauges:

Never been real sure why people get so excited about these? But I've seen them go for more than this before.

%d comments
  • Got mine 4 $95

  • AD unit, or the modern version?

  • Ad (as far as I know ) had problems. Window didn't have U'v protection and indicator wasn't stainless.

  • But mine was an aftermarket

  • I'd like a modern electronic one so I could run a modern bike digital dash

  • Will your stator push that much? I run leds to lower load? But a digidash?? You could upgrade.

  • Lcd screen wouldn't draw too much I don't think. Plus my bike is already bare bones so I have some room to spare.

  • I just open my tankcap and look down. 0$

    + its not ugly