Glenn Bryant shared a link to the group: Honda CB/CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975).

So I've done a new 450 forum, which is only for the CB/CL 450 and500T.

original, custom or race bikes...all welcome!

So join in, document your current build, post a ride report or just have a chat :-)

  • Registered!

  • Did you have any trouble?

  • Nope, it was easy. Do I get a prize for being the first member?

  • How do i join?

  • Nice work Glenn Bryant! Just click "register" at the top right, agree to terms, fill out the form, type "CB450 DOHC" in the confirmation box, and click the activation link in your email. It's painless...except the tiny avatar...90px by 90px and 6kb max!

  • Registered.

  • Done.

  • Im in!

  • Thanks guys!

    I've touched it up a bit, but it'll take me a couple of nights to get it set up properly

  • I'll get onto that

  • Okay I am there, but I cannot stand these forums where I have to go load photos into Photobucket to then copy and paste the url into a forum to share the photo. Just. Too. Hard.

  • You don't have to do it that way...

    You can just upload attachment?

  • How?

  • Below where you are writing.

    "Attachment" different to the HT forum.

  • Oh yeah - well that worked.

  • Did it?

  • I may need to lift file size limits.

    Phones are taking bigger and bigger file size piccies these days

  • I am resizing mine down from the stock phone size before posting.