Going to ask a stupid question. 99 Shadow ace


Going to ask a stupid question. 99 Shadow ace.

Does the bike have high beam and low beam or does it have on and day time?

I just kind of think the low beam/day time seemed super low to me (first night ride ever, shhh don't tell the permit police).

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  • Bought it on amazon.com

  • Make sure you buy the single pack for motorcycle only need 1. 2pack is for cars and twice the price. I paid $50.00 for 1 and my wife blew a gasket, then we were out riding right after I put it in and it got dark. We were on back roads and my wife says damn that headlight was well worth the $50.00. I can see.

  • I bought 2 for $25

    Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/142178071657

  • Wow that fantastic deal however when they say 160 watt thats for 2, you run only 1 so that is 80 watts.

  • Not that I'm against bargains. I love them. Wonder why these kits are $60 or less yet other brand LED kits are $200+?

  • ????? The Opt 7 has a 2 year warranty.

  • Others way over priced?

  • Yes and its like 8000 lumen per bulb

  • Definitely possible. I'll probably be ordering one! Just seems odd to me that they would range so much. But that's what Amazon Prime return policy is for hahaha.

  • This says 5yr warranty but who knows what it would be like to warranty it. I was running some 3000 lumen led bulbs i bought off ebay for like $13 a pair. Cheaper made but ran them for a year no problem. Cheaper one on the left the one I'm currently running on the right. Even the super cheap one is so much brighter then stock.

  • David Homan, Ron Brown; do they just have a wire kit or is there a box as well with it? I noticed some photos looked like they had an "amp" of sorts with then

  • It has s small box the light plugs in the box the box plugs into your head light plug it all fits inside headlight housing.

  • Mine is just as you see but some do have a box or whatever too. I would avoid those ones just because its a pain.