Going to start replacement of rear shock on 84 v65 Sabre with Daughtry mod...


Going to start replacement of rear shock on 84 v65 Sabre with Daughtry mod shock. As an additional project, thinking of oil-mod - bike only has 6k original miles - did the 84 have cam issue?

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  • oppps, so it is :P, but they do offer your size :)

  • if i cant find radial, i would go with the dunlop 404

  • Sabmag.org has a write up on radials for the magna

  • So what is the advantage of the oil mod? What does it improve? Oil flow/pressure?

  • Thanks!

  • I think the improved pressure and flow are most important, as the oil does get filtered generally- just not on the pass that goes to the cams. It's all good, though- the mod cures all those problems.

  • With my kit you feed filtered oil to the heads at twice the pressure and volume vs. the stock system. Increased oil pressure at idle, dedicated oiling to the trans for improved life, and cooler oil entering the heads. FYI, I have done equal amounts of hardwelded cams and rocker arms over the years for 1982 thru 1988 V45, VF1000, and V65 models. Improvements that were done to the mechanical components inside the head, never fixed the proven reason for the cam failure. http://www.honda-v4.com/sabmag/v4honda/oilmod-dd.h tml

  • Dave Dodge Where do you go to order your kit as I am needing one as well. And will that help prevent the second gear issue? i don't have a problem with second but don't want to find out about it on the road either.

  • With dedicated oiling to the trans, you have improved trans life. I sell my kits direct, please send me an e-mail to: drp123@mindspring.com.

  • I put one on my 85 Sabre