• Gonna clear out the xl 185s stuff guys

    Gonna clear out the xl 185s stuff guys

    2 white tanks

    2 very good seats just need covers

    2 x forks

    2 x wheels

    2 x swing arms

    1x wiring loom



    Xl 185 crank cases

    185 barrel

    Do have micron exhausts but need repairs

    Rear mudguard

    Side panels


    Gear box spares

    And much more what you after ???

    I'm based in Orpington Kent

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    • Side panels

      Tool box front

      mud guard

    • Side panels yes

    • Colour and price please

    • & pictures

    • Right hand panel is red £30 needs repair

      Left panel is white £25

      I can sort pictures

    • you don't happen to have a working kick-start mechanism do you?

    • I do but that's an engine split

    • no worries, if you do split an engine let me know :-)

    • I've split it I mean it's a split for youv

    • aha! I see what you mean. Yeah, that's okay, I knew it was so no probs. I'm planning on doing at the end of the year but I'd like to get the bits beforehand...

    • A complete head light????

    • The front sprocket cover

    • Sorry nope

    • Sorry nope

    • ok thanks

    • ok thanks

    • i have a complete head light and bracket spare

    • wot kind of price ?.. it,s not a mint bike nor will it be on the road. More for looks than anything

    • Am I the only person that thinks the 3 pin plug looks shocked?