• Gonna give this oil a whirl this year and see how it does Top of the line...

    Gonna give this oil a whirl this year and see how it does! Top of the line recommended oil nation wide. I'm thinking the hawk will love it! Jay Morrison you ever run it?

    • Never heard of it?

    • Yep. Awesome stuff!!

    • Same as Sebas. Lol

    • Damn.. this is good stuff! Full synthetic.

    • Did some google on this oil. Only used in Harley's and some usa cars. They tried to sell it in my country(the netherlands) in 2009 until 2011 but only a handfull used it so to stopt that. The synt one claims to be the only full synt oil world wide all other brands uses mineral oil from different grades and uses dopes to act like full synt. The 10w40 is semi and very usefull in aircooled harleys with strong emision rules becauses the can reduse friction heat. *sorry for the bad English*

    • Never use full synt in a storm!! Very bad for the clutch plates.

    • Whys that?

    • Your clutch plates will slip. And you need to replace them. Only use semi in the storm.

    • Well shit.

    • I just had some good deal on Castrol oil! The best oil for bikes(my opinion).

    • It's not synthetic oil that makes the clutch slip, but additives which are used in automobile oils to reduce friction and lower emissions. JASO MA synthetic oil will not make your clutch slip; AMSOIL 10W-40 is JASO MA approved so it was tested and approved on wet clutches. What confuses me in your pic is that the you have two with blue caps and two with red capes. Are they different?

    • I too have a stash in my Garage :) never caught without

    • Bought this and sold everything. I got a short cut to the castrol company

    • no synthetic oil ?

    • I use Motul 7100 without issues

    • No, they are completely the same. It's just a new style label and cap is all. I asked the same thing to the service guy when I talked to him and bought it. He said yes it's exactly the same they just designed their bottles different now.

    • He said they changed a few of their other labels and caps because that's how people purchase and know which oil is theirs without having to look at the label. They see the cap color and grab it. But now it's a plus to look at the label to now to know if it's correct.