Good evening fellow stormer s or morning depending on which time zone you re in

Good evening, fellow stormer’s, or morning depending on which time zone you’re in. Thanks Marcello Castellucci for making this a closed group, I too didn’t realise others could see our postings.

Well, courtesy of Vee Vtr my belly pan arrived yesterday (Thanks Vee) immediately after I unpacked it my 7 year old son dragged the enormous cardboard box into his bedroom and is living in it now (what is it with kids and cardboard boxes!) Thanks again Vee I’m very happy with it and glad I held back for almost a year for one to come up, now all I’m doing is looking at it this evening with a cold can of Strongbow pear cider in hand and wondering what colour should I paint it :-)

  • ahahah if you want an even bigger box i can send you one lol - we get some that could be used as sheds lol!

  • Gona get my son on FB, he'll be in contact with you :-)