• Good evening Shadow

    Good evening Shadow

    riders....having some issues with my 05 VT1100 Spirit....is there someone that knows this bike that I can get some suggestions....thanks in advance

    • Look up Motorcycle MD on YouTube. Cody Richards.

    • Do you oil your chain every 500 miles, I just found that out after Tennessee. But also does it seam to need to be adjusted a lot, your chain? Just wondering cuz I'm thinking I need a new chain or to totally clean it then oil it .

    • no it seems to be a carb issue.....pops while riding at constant speed

    • Yup

    • it's shaft driven...

    • Is that the issue your having Becky?

    • a couple of things, first got the carbs re-built in March has about 2000 miles on it after that.....sat a month without riding so now have to have choke on full to start it can't take the choke off until completely warmed up. Once it running it pops out the exhaust at a constant steed....what cha think?

    • Is it the same tank of gas from when it sat?

    • yes

    • put seafoam and amsoil carb cleaner in it and has helped some

    • Does it back fire on deceleration as well? Also, one thing to really narrow it down is while your riding at that speed, apply the choke slowly and see if it clears up and runs better. If so..... something is funky in the carbs. 98.99% fuel issue. More than likely carb. Since that what was touched last.

    • no popping on deceleration....thinking it is fuel issue as well...running premium as well,,,

    • Apply choke next time during the issue. See what happens. There is also a possibility that the fuel pump can't keep up with what you are using during a constant speed. This happened more often with aftermarket fuel pumps, but is very possible with oem.

    • thanks a bunch.....at least now I have a direction to go in....will start with dumping the fuel and starting with fresh.

    • That would be a excellent start! Pull the plugs and give them a look too.

    • byw...it's all stock equiptment....plugs look ok....one was white, with spark checker had good spark on all 4

    • That is good! Swap gas for sure

    • Swap gas if issue continues then clean jets. Do you have stock exhaust?

    • Becky Oliver go back to 87 octane. They are not designed to run on premium. Google how gas burns inside your motor