Good morning from illinois everyone I have a quick question i have 2 into 2...


Good morning from illinois everyone. I have a quick question i have 2 into 2 exhaust and whenever i hit a bump the two exhaust tips hit eachother. Is there anybody that knows how to correct this like a bump stop or something between the exhaust thank you in advance

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  • Justin Johnson, it sounds like something is mis-aligned on the exhaust. Check and see if there is some play after loosening up the pipe covers, or missing hardware. Stock from the factory, they should never touch. Maybe a previous owner got into it and muffed something up.

  • Its aftermarket 2 into 2 bub enterprises exhaust toward the tail end of the pipe on each pipe there r 2 square welded on brackets on the inside of each exhaust pipe almost looks like a bracket it spose to be put on behind there to stop this from happening covers r good no rattle just when i hit a bump they touch

  • Christopher Souris thanks for any advice u can give

  • Ill take a pic when i get home