Good morning stormers. My bike went in to have cct s and carbs balanced


Good morning stormers. My bike went in to have cct's and carbs balanced. Was running fine when went in. Got her back and she was popping on tick over once she was warm and she popped back threw the carbs. So they picked the bike up to check it out and they trying to tell me its a tight shim. So my question is..... Why would they take the rear head off for a tight shim and would it cause the problem?

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  • If they talk about a "tight shim" they have made mistake with reinstalling the cams (incorrect timing as Nils is saying). They messed up !!!!

  • Keep ya posted when i get it back

  • Odd as they had no reason to take out and 'reinstall cams' as valve clearances weren't asked for. And if they had them out for any reason then they should have told you it was a perfect opportunity to check valve clearances and if necessary reshim. Checking the timing is a pretty easy job and it is possible that when they installed CCTS the cam chain jumped a tooth or two. I'll be interesting what they come back to you with...

  • Well Monday is three weeks but its ready i picking up tomorrow. They tell me she fine. They still saying all caused by tight shim. But there no charge

  • Ask them what work they did precisely to solve the supposed 'tight shim' problem - Did they do all valve clearances on the front & rear cylinders? what were the clearances before - and after.

  • It's still a strange story they tell you. Hard to believe it. Really curious what they tell you if you ask them what John suggested.

  • Well spoke to the owner today he admitted it jumped a tooth they pulled it apart no damage. He did still say there was a tight shim which they sorted at no charge. So i am a happy storm owner again. Yes they were slow but they seem to have sorted me out. Thanks for all your advice

  • We nearly broke your bike - but we wont charge you for it. That's very nice of them! I always say spend a bit of time to learn and do those jobs yourself, it might take twice as long but at least you know it will be right in the end.

  • they fkt up, let them know that you are aware of their fk up so if there is a problem later they will have to fix it f.o.c

  • yeah, simply send them a letter in which you confirm their story, it gives some back up in case of ...