Got a 14 420 with about 2000 mostly road miles I can start it cold and it...

Got a 14' 420 with about 2000 mostly road miles. I can start it cold and it slips from 1-3 pretty bad until it warms up. Clutch adjustment does not help.

  • Yes, it's a motorcycle type oil.

  • Let the weather warm up and see what it does. The heavier oil and (I'm not sure on your temps) colder weather might be the cause.

  • Try 20w40 or 10w50

  • True, I figured fresh oil and if that doesn't do the trick go ahead with heavier clutch springs

  • Not sure how road use affects it, unless my under powered 5th is what's burning it.

  • What are your temps? You say it works good when warmed up and the oil gets thinned down. To me that says the thicker oil (when cold) is leaving the "glaze" on the clutch disk until it warms up. I wouldn't waste any money doing anything (especially putting in a heavier weight oil) until your normal riding conditions return. Just let it warm up a little more for now.

  • We have been seeing 25-45 tops the past two weeks. My oil is about 200 miles and about 2 hours past service right now, that's what's getting me confused on the thick oil. Since it's synthetic and damn near 14 a quart I would get a little more life out of it then GN4 petro.

  • When oil breaks down it gets thinner. That's not the problem at all. The colder the oil is the slower it flows (the reason for all the numbers classifying it). If your just getting on the machine and going the oil is going to be thick just from the colder weather. Like I said, wait for the temps to get back to normal to see if you have a problem or not. For now just let the machine warm up and thin the oil out.

  • Sounds like your clutches are burnt out. Or you're running oil that isn't wet clutch compatible.

  • Unless you're racing something I don't see the point in running "performance" oil.