Got a new reg rec on my cbr1000f now and still just turning over until the...


Got a new reg/rec on my cbr1000f now and still just turning over until the battery is flat, any ideas?

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  • Have you replaced the battery too ?

  • Yeah new battery

  • Sticky starter

  • I didnt think it was the starter as it turns over really nicely just doesnt fire up

  • When was the last time the bike was run?

    Could it have dirty Carbs? And is the choke engaging? Also may pay check if you got a strong spark on the plugs.

  • Good spark on the plugs, choke does engage. When its running it runs and rides solid, ticks over really nice with no issues. It was run earlier this week, will jump off a car straight away but once ridden and turnt off if you try to start it will just turn over til battery flat again

  • ok

    You need to check volts with bike running across the battery. I know you say you have fitted a new Regulator. But sounds to me like it is running low volts. May well be poor earth or faulty regulator

  • When running you are looking to get 13.7v to 14.4v and battery holding 12.6v when not

  • What i do with my regulator as know them to be a weak point on Honda's.Maybe a little over the top, But check each connection going to the regulator is tight and put a drop of copper ease(brake grease) on each one. Stops corrosion and help to gain a strong connection. Multi-meter on Ebay only £5.

    Also with that you can check ohm's resistance on the 4 pins bottom pins on Regulator all should be the same, Green against Red