Got a question for everybody I have a 1999 Honda Shadow 750 ACE I replace the...


Got a question for everybody I have a 1999 Honda Shadow 750 ACE I replace the stator I replace the regulator I did an oil change and new oil filter everything was holding on the oil everything works my battery was holding 12.1 - 12.2 and when I would ride the bike up it would go to about 12.6 it did there were few day and now the battery died on me again even after I replace the stator and the regulator and all the clips for the stator and regulator any ideas because I'm at a loss I've had to work a lot of money into this and it's not even the problem evidently it's a brand new stator it's a brand new regulator and I'm not sure what it is any advice would be helpful thanks in advance

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  • Did you just splice the new stator into the old wires? Ditto with the regulator. Check the white connector, 3 yellow wires, under the seat. If as stated above its not white but toasty or burnt looking you have a bad connection. Www. has a GREAT step by step charging system check. Measuring AC voltage on the stator while running, checking the stator to make sure its not shorted to ground and to check the regulator. You need a good meter. Not a 12 dollar autozone model. At minimum a craftsman or extech dvom. But if you look at that connector and it looks burnt or the wires look toasted at the metal connector eliminate the connectors by soldering a pair of yellows and so on and so on until all 3 wires are directly connected. If all parts are good. 12.8 to 13.2 at idle. Off idle at 2500 rpm should be over 14.2

  • Also has great mosfet shindengen regulators. I installed it in my ace and it kicks ass. 13.9 at idle 14.3 off idle all the way to 4k rpms.

  • Even when new rectifier can be bad,it happend to me go to Utube and learn how to test it,its easy,or try your old rectifier maybe only your stator was bad.maybe you got a short thats draining your battery,should be over 13volts when checking with meter at the battery posts,bike running if thats what it reads,then its a short.

  • If you can't get that battery up to almost with a trickle charger, then the battery is highly suspect.

  • Sounds like you have a short somewhere.

  • I had a similar issue last year

    New battery and it wouldn't charge properly

    I used the monsfet from roadster cycle

    You can call him and he will help you with diagnosis

    I can't tell you how much it improved my charging system

  • That would be cool if you can

  • I had a similar issue once. It was the new battery. I exchanged it and all was right again

  • Well Edward DeVaney any luck?

  • No

  • If the reading at the posts is over 13volts,that eliminates the stator and rectifier,you say the battery is good,it means you got a short thats draining your battery.It happend to me on a CB550.

  • Sounds like a common issue with bike batteries