Got a question for you all I was cruising around today when all of a sudden...

Got a question for you all. I was cruising around today when all of a sudden the bike died. It would cut out, and then come back after about a second or two. No warning, no loss of power, no audible signs, nothing. It would just cut out and the tach would go blank (rest of the dash still powered). No check engine light either. It happened 5 or 6 times. Every time was at wide open throttle at 64 mph (about 8k rpm). It ran perfect aside from that.

It's a 2017 with 3000 miles. Bike has a kitaco clutch cover, stiffer springs, low mount exhaust and snorkels pulled from airbox. No tuner or fuel management system.


  • But the warranty does include 17s from what the guy said you won't get your paper for awhile lol

  • Graeme Reid

  • Only problem is, for recall work, all my aftermarket shit doesn't matter. But for warranty work, it's a different story. Like I'm sure the little shit is fine. And the cage doesn't affect anything. But the modified oil system might not fly with the warranty.

  • Definitely thinking it's fuel pump now. I cleared the codes and reset the ecu, took it out and it did it again. This time it would backfire like it was fuel starving.

  • I'm gna ring my dealer tomorow and question them about it

  • And that's what you wanna talk to them about. Your paperwork for warranty hasn't even come out yet probably

  • Sure hasn't. I'll see what they say when I call them

  • Mine does something at low range rpm when slowing down or stopping sort of cuts out and then a little pop from the engine

  • If the fuel pump goes out, the check engine light should come on though. Right?

  • My dealer told me late model 17s had the better pump. But who knows, the 14-15 forsure need the work done

  • Who knows. Maybe it's because I bought mine the day the 17s went on sale.

  • Not a clue pal

  • Mine has been making a misfiring noise and cuts out. Only 2k miles

  • Who knows, maybe if enough of us call in and report it, they'll issue another recall.

  • Mine will be going for a service next week or so, I'll mention it then

  • Mines been doing it from new really but iv gone 5 or 600 miles without it doing doing it once and then Somedays it will happen like 15 times. Weird.

  • Is that only when slowing down? Or does it cut out at full throttle as well?

  • Yeah it jumps at full throttle but it doesn't pop like it does at low range rpm

  • Got it. Mine does the low rpm pop when slowing down. I think that's normal since the ecu cuts fuel when you roll off the throttle to decelerate.

  • The full throttle cutting is definitely not normal though.

  • At low rpm doesn't sound normal to me

  • Mine does it if I'm slowing down with the bike in gear, clutch out. It seems like it just pops when the ecu reintroduces fuel when the engine is getting close to idle speed.

  • Yeah it sounds like the piston or something

  • Yeah that sounds like something different than what I hear. That doesn't sound normal at all

  • It's quite high pitch and sound like air if you get me

  • Coming from the front end of the bike

  • I might know what you're talking about. Every once in a while, if I'm slowing down and then crack the throttle open, it'll sound like it's popping through the intake and and it almost dies but then carries on normally

  • Yes that's it

  • Not sure what the deal is with that one. It never bothered me much though

  • My 13 plate used to pop and cut out now and then. Was all solved with a fuel pump recall