Got my 10 apes Will I need to reroute cables drill any holes get different...

Got my 10" apes! Will I need to reroute cables, drill any holes, get different risers or anything I'm not expecting or do they and the controls go straight on?

  • i say drill a hole better

  • me too mohamed

  • Put masking tape on your bars press the contols hard on the tape and wherever the dent is thats where you drill your hole on your new bars its super easy Kevin New

  • Sounds easy enough. Too late for mine though.

  • I like my grinder more than my drill I guess lol

  • they made it for a reason :)

  • I figured mainly so they came uniform from the factory. But yes, I understand it could keep them from moving over time, yet I haven't had that problem, even before I shaved them off.

  • I've got 12 inch apes on my Shadow ACE. I just had to reroute the cables (including the starter and horn wires) and that's it.

  • Mine is a areo that's the only thing :/ but I hope that's all I need to do!!

  • Duke you didnt have to extend any of the electrical wires? Awesome