got my 400ex carb installed on my 86 350x this morning didnt have much time to...


got my 400ex carb installed on my 86 350x this morning. didnt have much time to tune it in but it did fire a few times. seemed to lack fuel. might be set lean. is there some start setting for the adjustments on it? its a honda oem 400ex carb. only had about 5 minutes to play once I got it bolted together.

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  • But you also have a weird new carb. LOL So it could be totally new to me.

  • I can get to it without pulling float. Just have to take off round plastic piece in the middle. Just wondering if there was a way to pull it from bottom instead of having to take throttle valve out.

  • Oh yeah now I remember. I don't know if you can.

  • ok im looking at jets. is the pilot and main jets the only ones I should be adjusting or do I need to see about a different needle jet as well?

  • Everyone has different theories but as long as it isn't scarred up or bent, I would leave it alone, unless after jetting the main and pilot, it has a bad spot at half throttle. But you can adjust them, so I don't ever plan on buying one.

  • cool. Figured that since no one had said anything about it.

  • The jet needle is adjustable its set at the middle of the needle stock setting clip go up lean clip go down rich

  • As I give pointers I do this for a living I am a tech for 18 years I do my best to give facts idle is reflect tion of pilot jet and fuel mixture screw of idle to 3/4 throttle is jet needle adjustment 3/4 to full throttle is main jet ajustment

  • If you went from 138 main jet to a 148 jet and it started easyer you need to raise your jet needle witch means you will lower the clip on it and make shore spacers and or washers stay in the same spot only move cclip down witch will raise the needle do one needle groove at a time. I gave you my number if you needed help only because I sigjested this carb and I got a new one for mine too because my bike is still apart I don't have adjustment numbers but soon I will till then I can work you through it but four of use can't make changes you have my number hood luck

  • OK man thanks. I do appreciate it.