Got my axle sliders in mail. Can t wait to bolt em on


Got my axle sliders in mail. Can't wait to bolt em on.

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  • They look great, where did you get them and how much did they cost

  • I got them off Amazon for $49.98c US for all 4, with free shipping. I'm sure you can get them elsewhere for cheaper, but I always trust Amazon because if for any reason they don't arrive or you are unsatisfied, they fix it. They are Spyker brand and the Amazon seller was named Zeedparts I believe

  • Great seller btw

  • I look on ebay but no luck lol

  • Try Amazon...I have also seen these on but I personally have not ordered anything off there

  • For stunt you should of gone with the longer sliders

  • I was thinking that too...I haven't had much money lately and these are the cheapest things I could find :/. I want like a full stunt cage and stuff when I can afford all that

  • Hoping to get some real nice protection stuff soon though, month or so

  • The 2.75" axle sliders are probably the best bang for your buck as far as protection goes. You don't need a cage

  • What company or where can I order all those parts you have?

  • I need that rear handbrake and those rear stunt pegs

  • Everything I have is "PSD" I also run it

  • OK thanks. I'm browsing the Tactical Minds shop that was linked from your FB page. It's like a whole new world of Grom parts just opened up lol. Game on

  • The cheapest grom stunt stuff out there is "dark knight" but it won't include brembo or Magura parts

  • Holy Shit I was just looking at a $410 complete handbrake kit...that can't be how much I have to spend right? I have never set up a handbrake before so I'm clueless

  • Brembo parts aren't cheap

  • It would probably be cheaper to make one yourself Tim instead of buying one!

  • Good luck making a master !

  • What mm are grom axles?