Got my FIRST Pilot Now what all needs to be done motor wise to be a little...

Got my FIRST Pilot. Now what all needs to be done motor wise to be a little stronger and still reliable? Anything to keep an eye on that fails regularly?

  • This guy wraps everything perfectly. Never receive anything with damage

  • Yeah I may need to talk with your buddy about parts. I picked up this basket case and I'm going to need some engine parts LOL

  • My other baby

  • I was after that pilot too lol

  • LOL my bad.

    Yeah definitely I'm up in the air how about what to do with the motor bottom end was left exposed to the element for years so the crank is Rusted solid but I did pick up a 583 rotax

  • The guy told me he had a buyer coming..., Yeah it's rough but still looks cool....i was thinking drop a 4 stroke in it.....what size are the rears?

  • Pull the rear axles out of the transmission. Clean and coat with a 50/50 mix of antiseize and grease.

    Check out

  • I got hondaline but love the look of your nerfs! Brand?

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  • Bought it as a package deal the guy had a bunch of extra parts and I bought them as well I already started making new parts LOL

  • My .02 for what's it's worth:

    If you want to keep the stock engine platform but with a little extra torque and power, go with a pwk 39,carb, power pros pipe, and power bloc clutch for reliable power. The carb allows you to change out different needles to get precise on the jetting. You can get all of the this at atv moto sports. They will claim they make their own pipes but they sell the power pros pipe for the pilot. Your also going to want to do the air box mod as well with a prefiiter. You have to make sure you rejet the carb since your sucking in more air.

    Some things your going to want to do since you just got the pilot are the following: change all the fluids, inspect the reeds and do a vacuum leak test on the engine. Leaks are one of the biggest causes for seizing an engine. Pilots aren't like a dirt bike. You have a 400cc 2 smoker pushing a 700lb machine plus YOU in it. Any leak will lean out the jetting in the worse way. The clutch side crank seal is always susceptible to leaks. The seals are still available. If you wanted to do a CR500 conversion, find someone that knows what their doing. ATV moto sports are the only ones that offer the service and their reputation for quality of work is not good. Also porting 400 jugs from them has been questionable. The CR500 conversion, if done correctly, is some unreal reliable power and the best thing is there is no modification to the cooling, electrical and fuel systems. If you go with a rotax conversion, make sure your brakes are in good working condition because your going to need them. A rotax engine in a pilot is like a twin turbo LS2 engine in single seat sand car!! Farr-Offroad makes a pretty nice bolt kit for the pilot. Be aware you will have to modify the cooling system. The stock radiator isn't sufficient enough for a rotax engine. You also won't be able to use the stock gas tank and the electrical will need to be modified.

  • I thought Power Pros closed up about a year ago?

  • Lee that was more like 10 cents. :)

  • You can't put a price on info like that. Thanks Lee Cruz! Aweome....

  • Hahaaa it was definitely more than 2 cents :)

  • Check out CW Racing Engines! Chris has been doing these since the 90's.

  • I had a few in me. I could have gone longer too... I love pilots and it's always great to see someone getting into the pilot world for the first time!

  • Power Pros did but they are still making pipes and silencers for ATV. I bought a pipe from power pros last year. They are pretty much done selling anything to the public. It took them several months for them to make me a rev pipe and a cr500 pipe.

  • Adam N Lindsey Mueller Is he still building engines for pilots?

  • Absolutely. Just finished building my second big bore for me last month

  • Where is Power Pros located?

  • Placentia, CA. It's in SoCal.

  • Adam N Lindsey Mueller Nice. Where is he out of?

  • Out of Campbell CA up near Pismo sort of. Look him up on FB. CW Racing Engines

  • He's a 2 stroke builder for a sorts of toys. Specializes in Pilots and has for years. Give him a call sometime and he'll talk your ear off on mods and how him and ATV use to compete with the long travel builds and so on. Only a small handful of players with the Pilots that actually built them. ATV isn't that great in my opinion but they have parts. The guy is my choice for machining and mods to a Pilot or 2 stroke in general

  • Thanks Lee Cruz, your a great Go to guy on the Pilots!!!! All of you guys are, Chad Lozier, Adam N Lindsey Mueller, Michael Pack, Jesus Benitez Jr , and Anthony Maldonado, you guys make owning a Pilot more fun AND affordable!