Got my Mod 1 on Wednesday 20th. Any advice. Doing it on a MT 07 I think

Got my Mod 1 on Wednesday 20th. Any advice? Doing it on a MT-07 I think.

My mate owns the company I'm training with, he says there's no obvious reason I shouldn't pass... Unless I wheelie or skid the bike during my test.

So will it just come down to nerves on the day sorter thing?

  • Have you had your training for it Charlie Reeves?

  • If you can do ya cbt you can do your test

  • Always put your left foot down some examiners are picky, slalom and figure of 8 are pretty easy use as much space as you need (there is no limit) and don't get too close to the cones because it just makes it tighter and tighter, emergency stop go faster than you need to just to be on the safe side they gave me a second attempt at mine because I went through it at like 29 mph first go so I pinned it the next go and went at 35 just to be safe modern bikes can stop in way more than enough time just don't lock up, U turns are the shit part on big bikes keep your confidence up and just do it and do not put our feet down whatsoever its a automatic fail

  • Always shoulder check both sides before you move off as well and just take your time and do not rush

  • I would say with the speed trap ones just have a go 1st don't worry about the speed if you pass he won't ask you to do it again if he does you have had an eye in so nail it flat out

  • I turn 24 on Saturday. I got 2 days training on the Monday and Tuesday. Then mod 1 on Wednesday and mod 2 on the Tuesday after

  • Yeah I thought it was check both sides.. I'll take it slow and steady. Got my mod 2 the week adter

  • He's doing it in a cg in that video. Guess you'll be ok to use the msx

  • Only thing is if you are skittish first time and they see it as unsafe they won't let you do it again I'd rather nail it first time personally

  • My instructor said just ride it get your eye in they won't fail you

    Mine was a few years ago I hit the speed 1st time on both I think

    U turn is a bitch

  • Needs to be over 33.3 hp I believe

  • Did mine last week. It's nothing to worry about. Spent more time doing paperwork than actually doing the test. As others have said, stay relaxed and take as much time and space as you need. You're on a modern bike with ABS so the emergency stop should be easy.

    Your instructor will probably have done your training with less space than you have on the real test. When you get onto the test area it will feel massive.

  • I'm doing my unrestricted licence - using either Honda Hornet 600, Suzuki Bandit 600 or MT-07

  • 3 good bikes

  • Does the rear have abs

  • James Tinson Yes. ABS needs to read the speed from both wheels to figure out if one is sliding.

  • Mod 1 is pretty easy really, just keep calm and do your shoulder checks (i got 1 minor for missing 1) and watch someone else do it first. Bet you pass it and will laugh about being worried about it...

  • When doing u turn make sure you keep your head up and look where you want to go, not the front wheel.

  • Take a poo in the morning. Take all your paperwork on the day, call the instructor before if you have and questions. Breathe and concentrate and you'll be fine mate you know how to ride a bike just demonstrate it with the required roadcraft. Save the stunts for when youre passed (y)