• Got my new 7x5 plate today

    Got my new 7x5 plate today

    • Snap

    • No way! Haha, what size is that?

    • Oh god7x5 I think?

    • You had any problems? I'm worried, it's so small

    • Snap!

    • No I had it when I did grom the gorge

    • What's Grom the Gorge? Good

    • I think you might be getting a little obsessed with the grom now

    • It's an even where we meet up on a set route at different stops and head down to cheddar gorge

    • i have 'size matters' on mine

    • Haha you know I rode it from John O'Groats to Lands End?

      2500+ miles in 6 weeks of ownership haha.

    • Gareth Brown yeah buddy I remember

    • Woo Scottish grom!