Got rid of the windscreen thing wasn t practical and vibrated alot Not to...

Got rid of the windscreen..thing wasn't practical, and vibrated alot.. Not to shabby, 500 bucks for an 86 limited? Yess..still prefer my 04 rebel bobber though

  • Screaming deal. Can't touch one under 2k here.

  • What kind of wind screen. I'm looking for one.

  • Spitfire

  • Oh. Nice. Tinted?

  • Mine came with one. First day out, it was OFF.

  • La mejor rebel de todas

  • I'm looking for a screen for my vulcan

  • It's a spitfire universal, looks new, and I have another mount kit for it also

  • I'm also more than willing to let it go lol I hate it

  • I sent you a pm

  • sent you pm